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IP ( Secret ) is an web-based anonymous proxy service which allows any person with internet access to browse websites privately and securely using our state-of-the-art server systems.

We do not require that software be installed or complicated user instructions be followed; in fact, IP ( Secret ) is so easy to use you just login to the members area, enter the URL (website address) you would like to visit through IP ( Secret ) and immediately you will be surfing anonymously.

When surfing anonymously you will never be able to be uniquely identified or tracked because we hide your IP address and other means of identification while still allowing you to surf just as you would without using our service.

Why we offer anonymous surfing.
With all the freedom the internet offers its users surfing the web can be a risky activity; unscrupulous people can literally monitor you and your family and you may never know! They can steal ANY information that you enter into unsecured online forms such as credit card numbers, passwords, your address and phone number as well as name, and much more all by simply inserting a small file into your computer without your knowledge.

They can record every website you visit, everything you search for and even what is inside your computers "clipboard" which could contain things you copied that are private and/or confidential, and they can then use all that info for any purpose that they choose.

We have made it our duty to protect your privacy each and every time you access the web - Subscribe Now.
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All users of IP ( Secret ) agree to our appropriate use terms; those reported and found to be misusing our service will be banned without notice or refund!