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Welcome to the subscription page of IP ( Secret ), please choose one of the following three subscription options. To join using IP ( Secret )'s monthly subscription service, click the "One Month" button and so on and so forth. Our monthly subscription is just $9.95 per month, our quarterly (three month) subscription is $6.65 per month and our yearly is just $5.95 per month.

Each subscription to our service is automatically billed via PayPal every one, three or twelve month period depending upon what you subscribed at when you joined. Once you join you don't have to do anything, you and everyone in your household are free to use our paid services as long as you are a member. We do not allow anybody who doesn't live in your household to access the member's area.

By joining IP ( Secret ) you are agreeing to have fully read our Appropriate Use Terms and will be strictly held to it and are also agreeing that you full know that our Terms of Service may be updated/changed at any time without notice.
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