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In no event shall our services be used to send commercial mail solicitations or advertisements, to crash, slow, or intentionally harm and/or interfere with any computer system, to harass or threaten anyone at anytime, to send mass mailings, to obtain unauthorized access to any computer system or to be used in furtherance of any criminal activity at any time.

Our services shall not be accessed using any automated system or using repeated high speed requests or your account will be deleted without notice or refund. Our paid services shall not be purchased with fraudulent or stolen credit cards or your privacy is not guaranteed and legal action will be pursued.

Our paid services may only be used by people living in your household, giving access to anyone who doesn't live in your household will result in the termination of your account without refunds. So long as these conditions are not breached, IP ( Secret ) will take all possible legal measures to ensure the anonymity of users of paid services.
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